Catch and Culture - Environment Vol 23, No 2

Catch and Culture 23 Issue 2

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 28 Jun 2017

In this issue, we look at a global biosecurity alert over a new virus affecting tilapia, the latest Mekong catfish scare in Europe and the extension of a fisheries cooperation agreement between Cambodia and Viet Nam. We also examine the prospects for floating solar power plants as well as water quality, ecology and fisheries issues related to a new hydropower project in Lao PDR.

Table of Contents

4.  Tilapia (1)
FAO issues world biosecurity alert over lethal virus affecting tilapia

8 Tilapia (2)
Introductions of tilapias into the Lower Mekong Basin date back to 1949

10 Bilateral cooperation
Cambodia and Viet Nam extend fisheries cooperation for three years

12 Aquaculture (1)
Europe’s latest scare about farmed Mekong catfish elicits cool response

18 Aquaculture (2)
Global Aquaculture Alliance sets record straight after latest catfish scare

20 Insect farming
Researchers seek better feed formulas for cricket farms in Lower Mekong Basin

24 Investment
Cambodia investing almost $17 mln on community fisheries and water resource management

28 Solar power
Could floating solar power plants take hold in the Lower Mekong Basin?

32 Hydropower (1)
MRC strikes a balance between developing and protecting Mekong River

34 Hydropower (2)
Lao PDR committed to consultation for all mainstream hydropower projects

36 Hydropower (3)
Review of new dam project: water quality, aquatic ecology and fisheries

38 Capture fisheries
FAO finalises voluntary guidelines on catch documentation schemes

40 Marketing
Name changes for collagen and gelatin products made from Mekong catfish

44 New publications
Climate change seen having ‘highly significant’ impact on rice production


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