06 May 2016 , Vientiane, Lao PDR

Mekong River Commission, China discuss joint study

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 6 May 2016 – Expert teams of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat, representatives from some of its member countries, and China met from 4 to 5 May in Vientiane to discuss and explore a possibility to conduct a joint observation and evaluation of China's emergency water supplement to the Mekong River and a future joint research project.
05 May 2016 , Pakse, Lao PDR

Transboundary Fisheries Teams Narrow Down Fish Species for Joint Management

Pakse, Lao PDR, 5 May 2016 – Vulnerable migratory whitefish such as Probarbus jullenii would be the target species for the transboundary fisheries management project along the Mekong and Sekong Rivers Basins, according to the project teams from Cambodia and Lao PDR.
19 April 2016 to 19 April 2016 , Xayaburi, Lao PDR

MRC Chief Executive Officer joins German Ambassador on visit to Xayaburi dam site

Xayaburi, Lao PDR, 19 April 2016 – Chief Executive Officer of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) Secretariat accompanied the German Ambassador to Lao PDR on the Ambassador’s visit to the site of Xayaburi dam on 19 April 2016 in order to gain a deeper understanding of the project.
31 March 2016 to 31 March 2016 , Vientiane, Lao PDR

Member Countries Agree on Next Steps for “Council Study” on Sustainable Development of the Mekong River Basin

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 31 March 2016 – A comprehensive study on sustainable management and development of the Mekong River has completed its first phase and will move into the second phase later this year with the aim of completing it in 2017, as representatives of the four Mekong countries agreed on the next course of actions at a regional meeting in Vientiane at the Mekong River Commission Secretariat.
23 March 2016 to 23 March 2016 , Hanoi, Viet Nam

Sesan-Srepok, Mekong Delta Teams Agree on Joint Water Management Issues

Hanoi, Viet Nam, 23 March 2016 – Addressing the issues of the impact of hydropower development and the lack of a joint infrastructure planning are some of the priority issues for the Sesan-Srepok and the Mekong Delta transboundary areas, respectively, to tackle jointly for sustainable development, according to the two transboundary project teams of Cambodia and Viet Nam.
18 March 2016 to 18 March 2016 , Hanoi, Viet Nam

MRCS Chief Executive Officer meets with European Embassies to discuss further cooperation

Hanoi, Viet Nam, 18 March 2016 – Chief Executive Officer of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat met with several Hanoi-based European Embassies on Friday to discuss further cooperation as part of his development cooperation strategy.
10 March 2016 to 10 March 2016 , Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Lao and Thai Wetland Teams Discuss a Draft Report on Common Wetland Issues and Best Management Practices

Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, 10 March 2016 - Wetland management project teams from Lao PDR and Thailand discuss today how to move forward with its joint report on wetland management issues on Xe Champhone and Nong Han. The teams have been conducting literature review, field research and exchange visits to identify common wetland issues and best management practices for mutual learning and future cooperation.
02 March 2016 to 04 March 2016 , Vientiane, Lao PDR

MRC and Korea’s Harbour and Coastal Department exchange information and explore avenue for cooperation

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 2-4 March 2016 – Experts and high-level officials from the Harbour and Coastal Department of Republic of Korea and representatives from the Mekong River Commission Secretariat gathered in Vientiane for a joint technical workshop on future sustainable development. The three-day workshop provided a platform for the two parties to exchange information and experiences on inland waterway ports and waterborne transportation in the Mekong River Basin and to explore an avenue for further cooperation.
01 March 2016 to 03 March 2016 , Vientiane, Lao PDR

MRC shares experience at the ASIA 2016 International Conference and Exhibition on Water Resources and Hydropower Development in Asia

Vientiane, Lao PDR, 1 – 3 March 2016 — Officials from the Member Countries of the Mekong River Commission (MRC) and representatives from the MRC Secretariat joined the ASIA 2016 International Conference and Exhibition on Water Resources and Hydropower Development in Asia on 1-3 March in Vientiane to share MRC’s work and experience on sustainable management of hydropower development in the Mekong.
26 February 2016 to 26 February 2016 , Bangkok, Thailand

CEO Meets with Ambassadors of Sweden and Morocco for Further Cooperation

Bangkok, 26 February 2016 – The top of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat paid visits to ambassadors of Sweden and Morocco in Thailand to discuss further cooperation.

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