This edition summarises the new fisheries law in Lao PDR and ten years of community fisheries development in Cambodia, covering the role of legal frameworks in the management and protection of aquatic resources, as well as recent emphasis on community management.

It also looks at the lessons learned from a decade-long experience of community fisheries management in the Songkhram River basin, as well a scientific assessment of whether protected areas in the Mekong delta are effective in conserving fish stocks. This issues also covers better management practices and certification standards for catfish farmers, and the recent high-profile MRC-sponsored Strategic Environmental Assessment of Mainstream dams.  


Table of Contents

  1. Lao fisheries law promotes community management, protects aquatic resources
  2. Cambodia celebrates ten years of community fisheries development
  3. Do inland protected areas work?
  4. Using small indigenous fish species to address micro-nutrient deficiencies
  5. Vietnamese catfish farmers move towards better management practices
  6. WWF publishes international catfish certification standards
  7. Rights and conflicts in fisheries management in northeast Thailand
  8. Annual meeting in Can Tho City
  9. Strategic environmental assessment of mainstream dam development
  10. Recent staff changes


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  • Mr Xaypladeth Choulamany, Fisheries Programme Coordinator
  • Mr Kent Hortle, Fisheries Programme Chief Technical Advisor
  • Ms Pham Mai Phuong, Fisheries Programme Officer
  • Mr Kaviphone Phouthavongs, Fisheries Programme Officer
  • Mr Buoy Roitana, Fisheries Programme Officer

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