4th BDP Regional Forum on the Basin Development Strategy - Powerpoint Presentations

Siem Reap, Cambodia , 20 Nov 2014 - 22 Nov 2014


Section 1: Opening and introduction

1. 10:30-10:45  Forum objectives and structures


Section 2: Getting engaged

2. 10:45-11:15  Implementation of the IWRM-based Basin Development Strategy for 2011-2015

3. 11:20-11:40  Trends and long-term outlook for the Mekong region

4. 13:45-14:00  Water Resources Development in the Lancang River : Cooperation, Benefits and Opportunities

5. 14:20-14:35  Introduction to the draft update of the IWRM-based Basin Development Strategy


Section 3a: Implementation of the Basin Development Strategy

6. 15:40-16:20  Expanding irrigated agriculture in the floodplains of Cambodia

9. 15:40-16:20  Realizing sustainable hydropower development opportunity in the Basin Development Strategy 

12. 08:55-09:40  Implementing water resources management strategies in Mekong sub-basins

15. 08:55-09:40  Intregration of basin development strategy into national planning in the Mekong delta region

18. 08:55-09:40 Implementing the Basin Development Strategy in Cambodia

19. 10:45-11:15  Closing the knowledge cap in Sediments and Fisheries

21. 10:45-11:15  Development of a Mekong basin-wide fisheries management and development strategy


Section 3b: Assessment of benefit sharing options

7a. 15:40-16:20 Benefit Sharing on Interna/onal Rivers: principles and lessons from experience

7b. 15:40-16:20 Benefit Sharing in Thailand

13. 08:55-09:44 Cumulative impact assessment of the national water resources development plans

16. 08:55-09:40 The Council Study

20. 10:45-11:15 Formulation of long-term exploratory scenarios

22. 10:45-11:15 Approach to regional benefit sharing for sustainable development of the Mekong basin

Section 3c: Updating of the Basin Development Strategy

8. 15:40-16:20 GMS Regional Investment Framework


10. 15:40-16:20 Strengthening ASEAN-MRC Cooperation

11. 15:40-16:20 Opportunities for the private sector in the Basin Development Strategy?

14a. 08:55-09:40 The updated BDS – priorities, implementation and monitoring 

14b.  08:55-09:40 Implementation of Strategy

Section 4: Synthesis of dialogues and formulation of key messages

Key message

Section 5: Field Trips

Trip A: Ancient hydraulic management system

Trip B: Field Visit to Kampong Phlouk Village



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