About MRC’s Flood & Drought Forecasting

During the June-October flood season, the MRC’s Regional Flood and Drought Management Center issues daily flood and drought forecasts and warnings. Data from 146 hydro-meteorological stations is used to predict water levels at 22 forecast points on the Mekong River system.

Through the MRC home page summary graphic and dedicated Flood Forecasting Webpage, the Regional Flood and Drought Management Center (RFDMC) communicates these daily bulletins to National Mekong Committees, non-governmental organizations, the media, and, most important, the public. The home page graphic provides an easy-to-read summary of the 5-day forecast along the Mekong River system.

How to read the flood situation summary:
Rising water level  
Stable water level  
Falling water level  
Alarm situation  
Flood stage  
No forecast made X
No data available
As considered by Thailand, forecasted values are not displayed pending further improvement of the system

Stable water level is a daily change of less than a 10 cm from Chiang Saen to Savannakhet; less than 5 cm at Pakse and Stung Treng; and no more than 3 cm from Kratie downstream.
Flood stage is when the flood level is exceeded; the flood level is determined by the member countries.
Alarm situation is when flood level is forecast within the next 3 days